Victoria River Downs, NT, 30 June 1986

This tape recording is in two related parts. The first part takes place at a stone blade quarry called Kankiritja. At this site one of the Traditional Owners, Nugget Collins Jarparta, discusses blade (giru) manufacture and ceremonial exchange of the blades (called winnun). The second part of the tape is a recording that takes place at Yarralin, near Victoria River Downs, NT. The recording is of a “winnun” or exchange ceremony between Mudburra and Jingili people and Wadaman people. The exchange involves a variety of items including boomerangs, ochre, cloth, video cassettes and bamboo spears (from Port Keats). Much of the second part of the tape is in language and would need a tri-lingual interpreter to be understood by a most researchers.

Elliot, NT, 24 June 1986

This is a taped conversation that took place between Robert Paton and Nugget Collins Jarparta while we were fishing at a waterhole called Longreach. The conversation contains some banter about fishing and some discussion of traditional fishing techniques. However, the main part of the conversation is about “winnun” or trade and how this operates within Aboriginal society, with particular reference to stone blade exchange.

Newcastle Waters, NT, 27 June 1986

This is a taped conversation at a stone blade quarry called “Malinja” which forms part of the kalu or kangaroo dreaming. The discussion centres around the ceremonial use of the blades.

Ali Currung, near Tenant Creek, NT, 27 June 1986

This taped conversation is about “winnun” or trade in general. It took place while we (myself and Nugget Collins Jarparta, Daisy Collins Nammitja) were on “winnun business” at Ali Currung. The person we discuss this winnun with is Sandy Jimija.  The conversation is over a late dinner and contains lots of banter and Aboriginal language.


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