Clarence Slockee


Clarence Slockee is an Aboriginal man from the Mindjingbal clan of the Bundjalung tribe situated on the far north coast of New South Wales, Australia. 

Having graduated from the National Aboriginal & Islander Skills Development Association (NAISDA) Dance College, Clarence has gained experience across a broad range of performance mediums. He is an accomplished musician and dancer with a passion for all forms of traditional Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander music and dance with extensive involvement in many contemporary Indigenous dance productions both nationally and internationally. With a broad range of experience he has also performed for a number of VIPs’ including the Governor of NSW, President of USA, Prince William and Pope Benedict XVI.  

What it Means! is written and composed by Clarence Slockee and Rohan Mellick, and performed with Rohan, Matt Doyle and Kevin Hunt for Our Music, Performing Place, Listening to Sydney. Drawing on words and quotes Clarence has heard regarding Aboriginal culture, history and identity (especially from Gary Foley in 1988 during Australia’s Bicentenary celebrations), Clarence has written What it Means! to offer an educational perspective of what it means to be an Aboriginal person.   

Rohan performs on guitar, Matt on Yudaki, Kevin Hunt on piano, and Clarence on vocals.