Jacinta Tobin


Jacinta Tobin is a Darug women and performs Wirawi Bulbwul, Death Song, Yarramundi, and the Elders Song

Jacinta has a Masters of Social Ecology and has been a member of the World Heritage Indigenous Network since 2002. She has worked in the Aboriginal Community for over 15 years, and in 2009 was given the official honor to be called Aunty or Elder from ‘The Darug Tribal Aboriginal Corporation’. 

Jacinta has lectured at the University of Western Sydney, and has worked in all levels of education using music and her background as a community worker to educate children and adults about Darug culture and life. 

Jacinta is a scriptwriter and musical composer for Yarramundi Kids, NITV; the first Indigenous commissioned children’s program. In 2010 Jacinta received the ‘UNSUNG HERO” NAIDOC award. Jacinta has a strong connection and unbroken women’s line to her traditional lands of the Darug people, and takes comfort in the Blue Mountains where she resides. In her interview below, she discusses how her spirit and culture, is connected to her songwriting, composition and performance.