Founded by artist Walangari Karntawarra and film-maker Troy J Russell, The Black Turtles fuse an urban contemporary sound with a traditional roots, reggae and rockabilly edge. Influences include John Fogerty, Ry Cooder and Warumpi Band.

Finding its beginnings at the Eora College of Performing Arts in Redfern Sydney, The Black Turtles have had a luminous career spanning almost fifteen years and is made up of five performers: Walangari Karntawarra on vocals, guitar and harmonica; Troy J. Russell on bass guitar; Mert Balkani on drums and percussion and Chris Beltram on guitar and vocals. 

During this time they have performed at numerous community events, completed East Coast tours and played at most live venues around Sydney. Performance highlights include the Dreaming Festival in Brisbane and Peat's Ridge Music Festival, 2008.

For Our Music, Performing Place, Listening to Sydney, the Black Turtles perform one of their oldest songs Can you Hear? This is followed by a song called Meet Me, and finally Gotta Get Along, which has recently been released.