Mary Daniels


Mary Daniels is and Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Woman. Mary’s great-grandmother, on her mother’s side, is from Maryborough, Harvey Bay, and Fraser Island country, the Gadi-Gadi and Butjula people. Her mother, Nadi (nee) George, is from Darnley Island. She is also descended from Miriam, Lifu (New Caledonia) and Rootuma people. Mary’s father Norman Daniels, is an Iama Tudulaig man from Yam (Iama) Island. Mary has been living in Sydney for 17 years at Leichhardt, and is studying a Diploma in Music at Eora College. 

Mary performs an original composition called I’m So Glad. This is a Christian worship song, which Mary explains is to celebrate, as a Torres Strait Islander person the coming of the Light, which was celebrated the day after her performance (1 July 2012). 

In her interview with Davina Captain, Mary discusses her performance with Davina, her heritage, culture and storytelling.