Matt Doyle


Matt Doyle is a descendant of the Muruwari / Dharawal nations of New South Wales. He is a well-known Didgeridoo player, dancer, musician and cultural educator, performing in preschools, primary and secondary schools, and at local and major events here and abroad. Matt has collaborated with some of Australia’s finest musicians and artists including the Sydney Symphony Orchestra and Queensland Symphony Orchestra, James Morrison, Taikoz, and dance companies. Major events he has performed at include: the Sydney 2000 Olympic Games Opening Ceremony and Closing Ceremony, World Youth Day, World Masters Games, Sydney, and has appeared on top of the Sydney Opera House for the ABC’s Millennium Broadcast. Matt’s group regularly perform at many international corporate events in Sydney such as the Sydney Festival, the Lord Mayor’s NYE Party, and State of Origin (NRL). Most recently he has performed for Prince William on his visit to Sydney. 

For Our Music, Performing Place, Listening to Sydney, Matt performs five of his own songs. These include: Welcome Song; Smoking Ceremony Song (used for cleansing and healing); Lyrebird Song (a small selection of the entire piece) about the creation of the Lyrebird; Mermaid Song, about the Mermaids who take away men when they go to places they shouldn’t; Crow or Raven Song; and, Flag Song about Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people standing together, united as one people. 

Matt performs Guyanaya Bayui with Karen Smith, Clarence Slockee, Richard Green and Kevin Hunt and supports Clarence Slockee in his performance What it Means!