Davina Captain and Mary Daniels


Davina Captain was born in Townsville, originates from Murray Island (Mer) Island, and was raised in Far North Queensland. She has worked in various ATSI agencies, from assistant clerk, to Aboriginal Liaison Officer and Program Manager for 3KND Melbourne. She has an Associate Diploma in Small Companies Community Theatre and has performed with Black Pearls and Outblack (Melbourne and Sydney).  Davina believes that today‚Äôs event is a highlight of Sydney Indigenous Music, and hopes that events like this are more frequent; showing Sydney Indigenous music has A VOICE, is being seen and is here. 

Davina performs two chants and is supported by Mary Daniels. The first is about men from the village going out to sea in their sailing ships, to fish. The second performance is called Serare Air, and is about a man hunting for a Seagull on the reef. 

In their interview below, Davina and Mary talk about their performances and their heritage.