Sandra Spalding


Sandra Spalding is an Australian Indigenous woman born in Newtown, Sydney, New South Wales. She was raised in a family of musicians, and is an Australian Aboriginal Soul, Gospel, Blues, Funk, Rock, Jazz, Rhythm, and Alternative music recording artist, making solo recordings and collaborations. Sandra has been in the music industry for over twenty years, and is recognised on The Gold Coast, Queensland. She has lived on the Gold Coast, in Melbourne and in Sydney, and has gained musical inspirations on her travels. Sandra’s passion for music includes song writing, singing and playing the guitar. Sandra is currently studying her Diploma of Music at Eora College. Her future goals include to travel, tour and to continue to make more music. Sandra’s music inspirations are Whitney Houston, Michael Jackson, Mariah Carey, and Mo-Town artists.

In her performance, she reads an article, written by her Grandmother Eileen Lester, called As I See it. She also performs her own compositions The City and We are Indigenous People. In her interview below she talks about her Aboriginal heritage, and how she came to be performing.